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The Personality Color Wheel

Hey Guys,

Been on my hustle lately and I hope you guys have been too! One thing I have been thinking about lately is the important of EQ and “knowing your buyer”. I learned from a couple books and website about the personality color wheel and how important it is when you are trying to sell.

The whole point of the personality color wheel is all about distinguishing your potential buyer and being able to relate to them based upon their personality. Here are the list of colors and what they mean:

Red: This type of person is very motivated by success and money. They are self-starters, and visionary type people who are most concerned with fiscal gains.

Blue: This person is Mr. Social. They like to joke around a lot. Always wondering when the next party is and isn’t as concerned with fiscal gains, rather more of just having a good time.

Yellow: This person is most concerned with helping people. Their main goal in life is to help as many people as they can in one way or another. Less concerned with fiscal gains.

Green: This person is Mr. Facts. This is the who, what, when, where, and how type person. They need to see concrete evidence with everything and numbers don’t lie for this person.

Each one of your potential buyers will most likely be a combination of these two colors. The best thing to do when speaking with these people is to ask questions and get a feel for which color or colors they are so you can relate to them.

Also, if you look below you’ll see a diagram of the four types of buyers. This is a great way to understand even further what type of buyer you are dealing with and how to get them to the sale. You can get in-depth and further information at SalesHQ, a phenomenal source for professionals.

I hope this information will be useful to you guys and you will find value in it and hopefully be able to apply it to your own business practices. If you ever want to reach out to me or ask any questions, head over to my contact page and fire away! Later guys!

Personality Color Wheel

Personality Color Wheel

Types of Buyers

The 4 Types of Buyers