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You are probably wondering who this Kyle guy is, right? Well, that’s me! My name is Kyle and I am apart of a group called the SoCal Corrado Group, a group of young men in Southern California who are striving towards success in all areas of their lives!

In this website we will be discussing tips and tricks to maximize your success in whatever you are doing in life, in specific to entrepreneurship and fitness, as well as sharing some success stories of people who persevered and never gave up!

We embrace the process and the journey to our goals and understand the effort and work ethic it takes to be successful. No shortcuts. Anything in life worth value has taken time, energy, and effort to create that value. 

We really want to create a network of people out there like us who are hustling to succeed, and I will be writing on behalf of the entire group. The group consists of 4 guys, Brian, Josh, Alex, and myself who all just graduated from college and are entering the work force or starting their own business venture. We have all known each other since high school and have remained tight since then.

If you ever want to reach out and connect with us, find our email on the contact page and you can find all of our content on the home page

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